17y˖𖥔˚₊· any (+ all neos) no she genderfluid lesbian ⚢ mixed black & white

kiko crd/coding vminkook spicy foods my cat

( 1.) don't make tuts of my crds ty (2.) all my crds r plus unless you want standard (3.) please dont give copies of my design as i comms them

req ok i talk about anything and everything, solo/anti ANY BTS member, idc about other grps. im here for shits and giggles. i talk about bts & joy the most and random tv shows im watching at the minute.

-15. u stan any bg thats not BTS, ot4/ot3 with aespa...i only like ningning. just dont be weird pls.

Stan list
bts vminkook fromis izone joy. red velvet taeyeon snsd twice ningning new jeans